University Games Competition

The General Administration of Information Technology represented by the Electronic Games Club announces the start of registration in the second electronic games competition in the following fields:

  The field of drawing of electronic characters This area aims to attract creative painters in this field and to develop a competitive spirit among them to develop their skills and creativity in drawing and caricature drawings

    Electronic animation.

  The best content maker that records online games as well as gaming channels on the YouTube platform and live streaming channels.

  The story of an electronic game scenario The storyline revolves around a close-to-reality story that addresses a contemporary issue and relies on more than one personality at work.

  The design or development of an electronic game is the ability to modify or develop a pre-existing game or create a new game from the imagination of the same person and be of benefit to the knowledge and the time to complete the stage

   At least one.

  The area of ​​the best games room is a mixture of fun and creative arrangement.

Note that the deadline for registration is 1440/8/15 AH corresponding to 20 April 2019

To participate in the competition please visit