Open admission to my PhD and paid programs

Announcement of opening the door of admission for the academic year 1441 AH in two PhD programs, and a number of graduate programs paid fees
The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University announces the opening of admission in:
    Doctoral Program in History (Academic - Unpaid Fees)
    Doctoral Program in Accounting Philosophy (Fees)
    Programs available for admission to the Postgraduate Master's Degree (Paid Fees)
For the next academic year 1441H for male and female students, and the submission will be through the portal of the university on the link from Sunday 23/8/1440 to Saturday 29/8/1440 AH, according to the attached conditions:
    Doctoral Program Requirements in History (Academic - Unpaid Fees)
    Terms of PhD Program in Accounting Philosophy (Fees Paid)
    Terms of Master Programs Paid Fees.
    The most important information to submit via the portal.