Reception and farewell to faculty members at the Community College


The Community College in Khamis Mushayt held its annual ceremony for the academic year 1439/1440 to receive and bid farewell to some faculty members. The ceremony was held on Wednesday, 17 Ramadan 1440 corresponding to 22/5/2019. The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the College, Brigadier General Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al- HE Dr. Ali Al-Qahtani and Mr. Ali bin Marzouq. As well as attended by a number of faculty members in the college with some of the depositors and the receivers. The guests gathered in the hall after the Asr prayer. Then they ate Ramadan breakfast after Maghrib prayer and the celebration began after breakfast. Dr. Ali Marzouk, the Vice Dean of the College, presented the ceremony. The ceremony began with a cordial speech from His Excellency the Dean welcoming the departing colleagues from the college after years of achievements and good human relations. Any other site outside the Kingdom of good in their own countries or within the Kingdom, and said citing ... saying (Harun al-Rashid): (Amtri wherever I want .. Only Otni Bjrajk) ... and what I say .. !! He also welcomed the participation of faculty members at the end of the speech thanked Dr. Ali Marzouk, Vice Dean of the College, and his support Dr. Ahmed Al-Rahoumi and Dr. Saeed Al Shahrani Ali supervision and organization of the ceremony and then spoke Dr. Mohammed Hamoud Al-Amri representative of new colleagues in the College and thanked the Dean And the organizers of the celebration and colleagues members of the faculty on their initiative to host them as well as farewell to some of the brothers colleagues leaving and after speaking colleague Neelofar Hussain on behalf of the depositors and thanked the Dean and organizers of the ceremony and colleagues on this ceremony and spoke after colleague Shafi 'Rahman, confirming his love and loyalty to the College throughout the period Dr. Ismail Rashwan took over the words of His Excellency Dean and all the words spoken in Arabic to the non-Arabic speaking faculty members. At the end of the ceremony, the coming and departing fellows were also honored to the College with commemorative shields and colleagues:

First: Departures:

1. MR. Riaset Abdul qayoom

2.Mr.Mohammad Shafiur Rahman

3.Mr. Neelofar Hussain Wani

4.Mr. Nageswara Rao Eluri

Second: Fellows coming to the College are:

1. Mohammed Hamoud Al-Amri

A / Hassan Abdullah Al-Omari

A / Fares Saad Mohammed Abu-Malha

4. Tariq Mousi Mousa Al-A'r

The ceremony ends in a way reminiscent of the way it started and everyone spent a good time and left the concert venue and in their ears to hear .. The words of our beloved Dean (So life .. Meeting .. And then a meeting ..) We will not forget our fellow departing and receive with all the love of our fellow passengers Community College.

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