Payment of postgraduate programs

The Deanship of Graduate Studies announces the commencement of collecting tuition fees from male and female students enrolled in paid programs (MA), for the first semester of the academic year 1441 AH, starting from Monday 18/12/1440 AH, until the end of Thursday 28/12/1440 AH.

Taking into account the following:

Payment Period:

From Monday 18/12/1440 AH to Thursday 28/12/1440 AH.

Account name

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His number

SA4315000999121727240016 (Bank Albilad)

    The deposit must be in the student's name.

    Student deposit receipts are delivered to Mr. Abdullah Fayez, Deanship of Graduate Studies, and female student receipts to Ms. Noura Al-Mraheh, at the University Center for the Study of Female Students in Laasan.

    The student will not be able to study before paying the fees.

    Absence will be calculated from the beginning of the study 2/1/1441.

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