World obesity day and nonviolence day


Under the guidance of the Assistant Dean

in the Community College in Khamis Mushait (Female Section) Dr. Amal Al-Mushait.

Namariq Club participated in the activation of two programs

World obesity day and nonviolence day

In the conference room and continuing education in Saudi German Hospital

on Tuesday, 1/3 March, on Wednesday, 2/3 March, respectively

From 8:30 to 12

The students' activities were organized under the leadership of the student Maha Al-Qahtani under the supervision of the pioneer of the activity: rida eabdalftah

It was to attend the assistance of Brig. Amal Al-Mushait has a great impact on female students and encourage them

The first day * obesity day * was presented some brochures and distributions and guidelines for eating healthy food and how to avoid obesity and then show some healthy foods

He introduced some harmful foods causing obesity quickly to clarify the difference between each of them on human health

It was also embodied in a painting by a student: Anoud Masoudi

The second day * non-violence * in which the students participated in the presentation of many distributions, leaflets and roses that carry the meaning of violence and calls for humane in all its forms

All this was embodied in the preparation of a painting by Rana Al-Qarni aimed at promoting a culture of non-violence

Several paragraphs were presented to the participants, which dealt with important guidelines on how to deal with children

In addition to the presentation of some of the working papers dealing with violence and its various forms and then a theater show for children organized by the Social Protection Unit at its door

The program was attended by the following: Amal Hussein Al - Mushait

Head of the Department of Administrative Sciences  Administration

Head of Systems and Information Department

At the end of the program was honored by the Assistant Dean d. Amal Al-Mushayt and the distinguished audience of particip



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