will and determination is a success









Organized Namariq Club in Khamis Mushait Community

College (Female Section) in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs

The program of will, determination and success, which included a training session and a forum for women entrepreneurs in the south.

Monday and Tuesday, 14-15/3/1441

in Workshop from 10 to 12 .

His paragraphs were as follows:

- The program was opened by a recitation of the wise male student Raghad AlfifiA

- a training session entitled (How to build a small project)

Presented by Professor Azza Ali  Listed all the new ideas that help to establish a small project and freedom from restrictions and how to make a feasibility study.

On the second day in a row organized d. Reda Abdul Fattah, a pioneer of student activity at the college, met with distinguished women entrepreneurs to showcase their success stories. She started her life from scratch until she became one of the most famous fashion designers in the southern region, which had a positive impact and a strong motivation among the students to start a small project and adopt a culture of self-employment. She also kindly offered some tips for those who want to work freely. Extreme patience in order to achieve the desired success and income. And rely on God and good morals and then self-reliance and accompany those with experience in the field of the target project. Prof. Azza, a collaborator at the National Entrepreneurship Institute at the Faculty of Technology, stressed that entrepreneurship supports entrepreneurial ideas and small projects, and contributes to raising awareness of the basics of preparation and work planning. Thus, the individual is armed with culture and creativity away from traditional work.

While Maha Al-Daleem, coordinator of the Institute of Women Leadership in Khamis Mushayt, stressed that self-employment helps to provide job opportunities that are commensurate with the capabilities and possibility of the individual and thus build self-confidence and armaments rich experience advice and information, and also explained the role of the government in supporting and building projects for beginners.

The program has had a good impact in the hearts of all attendees and they expressed their happiness with the new constructive ideas.

The target group is the students, where they attended the first day (92) students + number (5) of the college employees.The second day was attended by 49 students and 9 college employees

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