A word from the Dean of Community College

In light of the unprecedented technological progress in the world of communications and the momentum of civilizational data in the field of teaching and learning, e-learning has become an imperative requirement in the higher education stage in the Kingdom. In light of the relentless pursuit of the community college to reach the pinnacle of excellence and quality, and to achieve its strategic goals by all available means, it is no longer acceptable to be satisfied with the traditional means of education, as the college has ensured that e-learning has a prominent role to achieve a qualitative shift in the educational process in this edifice.

Our government, led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Highness the faithful Crown Prince, may God protect them, took care of all that they could, and harnessed all capabilities to enable the sons and daughters of this country to enroll in higher education. In light of the great demand for regular education, the state has not forgotten those who are hampered by geographical, social or economic conditions from enrolling in universities, so the affiliation system developed to offer distance education programs through modern communication and multimedia technologies has been adopted, to enable male and female students to communicate with their teachers through E-learning and distance education systems, bypassing space and time constraints to obtain knowledge, and at the lowest costs; which helps to create broad opportunities to complete university studies remotely, and to spread knowledge and knowledge in society to achieve sophistication, luxury, and progress.

The Kingdom is witnessing a qualitative shift in the world of communications and information technology, and the widespread use of computers, the Internet and smart devices, to push the educational edifices spread throughout our dear kingdom to adopt the strategy of e-learning and distance education in order to advance the Kingdom's wealth Of male and female students looking for excellence, and achieving the hopes of this digital generation, which spends most of its time roaming between social networking sites and media on the World Wide Web.

The Community College of the female students section at King Khalid University has endeavored to take advantage of the prevailing e-learning techniques around the world to harness it in the service of its female students, in continuation of the college’s approach to advancing the fruit of the educational process from future graduates.

     Assistant Dean of the Community College in Khamis Mushait

                                                            Dr.. Amal Bint Hussain Al Mushait