The word of Vice Dean of Community College in Khamis Mushayt (Female Section)

The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has paid great attention to its wise leadership in consolidating the concept of science and knowledge for the sons and daughters of this country, and paved the way for that to serve the various sectors of society as it was a priority of their interests in higher education, and was keen to provide support and establish facilities and provide equipment and scientific and educational methods and modern technology.

The Community College (Female Section) was established at King Khalid University in the year (1425 AH) to serve large sectors of the public and private sectors and it has a role in providing specialized competencies of those qualified to work in the activities of these sectors due to the nature of its studies and the curricula it provides to serve the labor market in the Kingdom.

From this standpoint, the college was keen to present its diploma programs in the various administrative, accounting and computer specializations according to advanced study plans that accompany our contemporary world and comply with international standards, and combines theoretical study and practical application to qualify the student for the labor market and develop his personal and life skills.

Thanks to the unlimited support from the higher management, foremost of which is the Rector of the University, the college was able to keep pace with the scientific and global development through the goals set by the college, which was represented in the continuity of the application of development programs to raise the level of the performance of the faculty members of the faculty and administrators, and attention to the quality of the outputs to match the need of the market the work.

The role of the college was not confined to the educational process, but it was keen to achieve its mission in community service through the contribution of competencies and academic experiences in providing advisory services to various sectors of society in addition to organizing scientific meetings to address its issues as well as training courses provided by the college's training unit ..

We ask God to help us to serve this scientific edifice and achieve its ambitions and aspirations to graduate national competencies that participate in pushing the growth engine and serving ambitious

development plans and achieving the aspirations and vision of the Kingdom 2030.


Vice Dean of Community College in Khamis Mushayt (Female Section)

 Rawabi Hassan Al-Shehri