Scientific Research Committee

The Scientific Research Committee at the college level is concerned with developing the capabilities of the teaching staff in scientific research to achieve quality scientific and research performance.

Vision: Achieving a leadership role in research and creativity

Mission: Contributing to the knowledge industry, identifying actual needs and creating applied solutions.


Linking scientific research policies to the university's vision, mission and goals.
Linking scientific research policies with the vision, mission and goals of scientific research at the university.
Spreading a culture of scientific research, innovation and creativity, and encouraging the distinguished competencies of faculty and students at the university to contribute to the knowledge industry.
Contribute to the research and study of various community issues and create scientific solutions to solve them.
Helping the service and industrial sectors in treating their problems and developing their performance.
The optimal investment of human resources in the college to contribute to the advancement of scientific research.
Cooperating with governmental and private sectors inside or outside the Kingdom that support research development.
Upgrading the college and the university in academia locally and internationally in the field of scientific research.


Establishing a database for all faculty members according to the agreed model.
Helping researchers to conduct and publish scientific research that is of quality, originality and innovation in order to achieve the goals of building an economy of a knowledge society
Supporting scientific research and motivating faculty members and similar students for scientific publication in prestigious journals.
Establishing workshops - in coordination with the Deanship of Scientific Research - that will have a role in developing the research capabilities of faculty members
The participation of female students in scientific research in order to prepare them for the requirements of the new labor market
 Activate communication with research centers in the corresponding colleges within the university, conduct joint research with other departments, and exchange knowledge and expertise
 Supervising the annual "Scientific Research Day" where workshops are held on the basics of scientific research and open meetings in which members of the faculty and students present the latest research published or under completion.
 Supporting the holding of scientific forums, conferences and workshops related to the faculty's specializations and community needs
 Supporting and encouraging faculty members and students to participate and actively attend local and international scientific gatherings in order to improve the quality of knowledge achievement and openness to other universities and the different knowledge and research strategies they offer.
Preparing periodic reports on scientific research activities in the college and submitting them to the Deanship of Scientific Research.
Carrying out the topics and tasks referred to it in the field of scientific research.