Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee at the college level aims to support the rights of students on grounds that are compatible with the regulations and regulations applied by the university.


Receive complaints submitted by students regarding academic and non-academic problems to which the student is exposed within the college or institute, even if the complaint is against a cooperating faculty member of the college or institute.

The settlement of these complaints within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of their submission.

If the committee decides not to settle the complaints due to the particular importance that the case presented may have, or because there is a literary impediment to the committee that precludes taking the appropriate decision, it will refer the matter in its case to the college council to take the necessary action.

Examine the violations referred by the university president, a college dean, or the dean of student affairs.

Control the behavior of students and the like inside the college or any of its facilities.

Refine the behavior of violating students and treat them with the educational methods available in the college.