Labs, equipment and services committee

The committee of laboratories, devices and services at the college level aims to take care of everything related to laboratory affairs, devices and services it provides. Scientific Research Committee on

 The college level develops the capabilities of faculty members in scientific research to achieve quality scientific and research performance.



Ensure the availability of all laboratory equipment and student services for the program.

Ensure the provision of maintenance plans for laboratories, devices and student services.

Submit a periodic report to the department head at the end of each academic year to make the necessary reforms / adjustments.

Supervising the availability of security and safety procedures in the laboratories and classrooms before studying and submitting a report thereon to the department head.

Spreading awareness and preparing guidance publications for students regarding safety and security procedures for various hazards (radiant-chemical-electrical) and distributing them to students at the beginning of the school year.

Putting signs for safety and security measures in a prominent place in each laboratory, classroom and emergency phone numbers.