Alumni and Employment Affairs Committee

The Graduate and Employment Affairs Committee at the college level aims to pay attention to everything related to graduates and recruitment processes in all departments of the college


Follow-up of collecting personal data for students and tabulating them in all departments of the college and the means of contacting them.

Monitor the collection and tabulation of data on employers.

Follow-up on the implementation of the programs set by all departments of the college to document links with graduates and employment destinations.

Follow up on preparing, distributing and collecting questionnaires on the extent of satisfaction of this category of their academic program, tabulating the results, preparing them statistically and providing advice accordingly.

Supporting the creation of an effective mechanism to provide employment opportunities for graduates in their areas of specialization (for example, through holding employment forums - polling employers ’views at graduate levels from the college - seeking the opinions of employers in important decisions of the various academic programs in all departments of the college)