Vision, message and goals

The vision: The effective contribution to enable the university and its affiliates to achieve their changing needs by using the tools, practices and environment provided by e-learning.
Mission: Enabling the university to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education and to achieve the satisfaction of employees by including e-learning in all educational activities of the university.
1- Making e-learning available to everyone
2- Enabling faculty members to develop, participate, and reuse or modify learning resources
3- Optimal use of e-learning tools to contribute to solving problems and meeting university needs
4- Partnership with leading international universities
5- Supporting creativity, leadership, and assistance in creating a suitable environment for it.
1. Study the college needs and present plans and initiatives to activate e-learning.
2. Follow-up and evaluation of the electronic initiatives, plans and activities in the college.
3. Spread the culture of e-learning.
4. Supervising the launch of full e-learning in the relevant departments of the college.