Importance and services provided

The college is trying hard to provide fair and appropriate opportunities from education for applications. From this point, the college's interest in our daughters came with special needs to benefit from the academic programs, services and various university activities, while providing a suitable environment for this, by merging female students with special needs with the general female students and providing support to them from members Faculty and female employees.
And to achieve these goals in the best possible way academically and socially, in a way that guarantees them positive participation in the various programs, activities and services available.
The college has endeavored to set visible steps that provide appropriate adaptation for this group to university life. Accordingly, the Vice Dean of Girls College in Khamis Mushait has taken care of the following:
Special cards were provided for people with special needs in order to facilitate their needs starting from entering the door designated for them and not being subject to competition from the section designated for students in addition to facilitating them in the operational services provided by the college where you only need to show the card to know its status.
Support and encourage them to participate in the activities of the college.
Provide full electronic support that supports their academic studies.
King Khalid University uses the Blackboard 1.9 system as a learning management system. It is an internationally accredited system for easy access and interaction in addition to its compatibility with ADA (International Law for People with Special Needs) where devices will be allocated in the e-learning lab that provides a direct link to support people with special needs.
Distributing questionnaires to know their opinions and the difficulties they face to be overcome.