Vision, message and values

Vision: Achieving the highest levels of excellence and creativity in discovering talented and talented women.

Mission: Under the auspices of talented and talented women, the Center’s mission is launched from the Higher Education Policy in its subjects (192-193-194).

It states the importance of the state discovering, caring for, developing and directing their talents and creating appropriate scientific opportunities for them, and training them in aspects of their scientific, cognitive, skill, intellectual, moral and social development through activities and programs that use self-learning methods, and that are based on methods of solving problems and skills of critical and creative thinking, brainstorming and scientific research And contribute to investing the creations and talents of the talented and talented. And display them to the competent and coordinating authorities to record and save ideas and obtain patents and facilitate their access to investment agencies locally and globally. .


1- Providing media awareness programs to spread the culture of caring for talent, creativity and excellence in society.

2- Discovering and attracting talented, creative and distinguished people in the university community

3- Caring for the gifted through various enrichment programs

4- Providing scientific, research and educational consultations in the field of talent, creativity and excellence

5- Providing the appropriate scientific and research environment to nurture, develop and encourage the talented, creative and distinguished.

6- Establishing the principle of cooperation and partnership with the relevant authorities internally and externally.
7- Participate in organizing, organizing, and attending exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and courses in the field of talent, creativity, and excellence


Discovering talented students and working to provide all that is new in the care and education of talented and creative women

Working on having a channel to communicate with talent and the labor market to benefit from them in the various sectors