Vision, messageand goals of the unit


Vision: To achieve leadership in providing the best quality training and development programs in accordance with educational standards for training and development and in accordance with the use of the latest technologies at the local and regional levels

Mission: To raise the level of performance of college staff members (faculty, staff, and students) by raising their competencies by providing a distinct and specialized set of programs and activities in multiple fields with credibility, realism, specialization, and professionalism, and through distinguished training and qualification based on team work.


The Training and Development Unit works to achieve the following goals:

Continuous development of training programs.
Developing the capabilities of faculty members to improve the quality of higher education outcomes.
Developing the capabilities of the college's administrators and technicians.
 Developing students' cognitive abilities.

Defining the training needs for the staff of the college and preparing a training plan.

Designing training programs that raise the efficiency of the trainees.

Preparing annual reports on the achievements of the Training Department.