Vision, message and goals

The Vision: The unit should be a pioneer in implementing the guidance and counseling programs in all preventive, developmental and curative areas.

The message: To guide female students and guide them in all psychological, social, ethical, educational and professional aspects so that they become compatible with themselves and good members in building their society.


Guidance and guidance: -

 A planned and organized process that aims to help the student to understand himself, know his capabilities, develop his capabilities, and solve his problems, in order to achieve his psychological, social, educational and professional compatibility, in order to achieve his goals within the framework of the teachings of the Islamic religion. And this is through the following goals:

1- Providing guidance services in the educational, psychological, social, preventive, occupational and therapeutic areas.

2- Contributing to the study of phenomena and behavioral problems that appear in the university environment and preparing specialized programs for their treatment.

3- Conducting studies in the field of guidance and counseling in cooperation with the relevant authorities.


    1- Implementation of general programs related to counseling (lectures - workshops - training courses and others for students).

Receiving the different cases of the students (psychological - social - behavioral) and studying them completely confidentially and transferring what is difficult for the center of guidance
Carrying out activities that provide support, care and prevention for students.
Providing support to students with difficult financial conditions and raising their data to the center to provide appropriate support.
Assist female students with special needs and provide them with appropriate support by expanding their participation in all societal programs and fields, providing them with all care requirements and motivating them to participate actively in various activities inside and outside the university.