The tasks of the academic advisor

The tasks of the academic advisor

The mentor should be familiar with the academic regulations of the university, the department’s plan, and its specializations.

The mentor strives to educate himself in the field of counseling so that he can benefit students

Providing academic advice and introducing the student to the best courses and alternatives offered

Introducing the new student to the system of courses, levels, transfer, success and failure

Acquainting students with evaluation systems and methods for calculating grades for specialization subjects

Familiarity with the vocabulary of the study plan (levels - majors - core and optional subjects).

Familiarity with the names of materials, their numbers, requirements, and equivalent materials and their sequences, and guiding students on the best ways to benefit from them.

Familiarity with student appointment appointments, directing materials for selecting and deleting courses, appropriate addition, and changing according to the people’s abilities according to their preferences for regular procedures

Determine the path most appropriate for the student and develop a study plan appropriate to his capabilities

Monitor student rates, guide, motivate, and alert students of low rates to take action

Urging the student to always review his academic advisor according to the announced office hours.

Helping students with special circumstances to overcome their disability and health problems revealing the special skills and talents that students have in order to better refine and develop them.

Monitor the student's academic progress and make a file for each student, as appropriate

Follow-up of students during their studies, especially those who are faltering or expected to falter for academic reasons and take the necessary measures towards them

Helping students make the right decision regarding choosing to specialize according to their capabilities and interests

His poor performance or for any reason the academic advisor sees.

Follow up on achievement. The student’s academic achievement, introduction in the classroom, and directing and assisting him academically and educationally to serve this

Providing advice and guidance to the student, which helps him to acquire the required skills, prepare for entry into the labor market, and fulfill his desires.

Update student results in the material registered in the study plan first-hand and put the mark / passed - did not pass - withdrawn - deferred - incomplete deprived