About the college


Community College was established in Khamis Mushayt (Boys section) in the academic year 1426 AH by decision of the Higher Education Council No. 7/33/1425 to include the departments of Medical Sciences, Computer Science and Technology, Administrative Sciences and Engineering Sciences. The college is awarded at the present time
Diploma degree in the disciplines of information systems, business administration and accounting.
The Community College of Khamis Mushait (Female Section) was established in the year (1425 AH) by the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (7/33) to include the departments of Medical Sciences, Computer Science, Administrative Sciences and their Technologies, and Engineering Sciences. The college is currently awarded a degree
Diploma in Computer Science and Administrative Sciences specialties and techniques. The first batch was graduated in (1432-1433).


Leadership and excellence in the education and qualification of national cadres to contribute to the service and development of society, as required by the labor market

Providing high-quality academic and training programs that include transitional and rehabilitative programs to allow the preparation of qualified cadres to work in public and private institutions of society taking into account modern methods of education and training based on advanced knowledge techniques.


Preparing highly qualified cadres that meet the requirements of development in the public and private sectors.
    Supporting the university's ability to absorb more students whose rates did not qualify them for admission to the university by accepting them in transitional and rehabilitating programs.
    Giving the university students the opportunity who were unable to continue their studies for academic reasons to obtain a degree that qualifies them functionally by enrolling in the college’s qualification program.
    Expanding new training programs that support Saudis' rehabilitation and employment plans, according to the needs of the labor market.
    Building community partnerships with entities related to the college's programs and activities.
    Seeking academic accreditation for college programs.


Department of Computer and its Sciences
    Department of Administrative Sciences
Degree awarded by the College: Diploma
Duration and system of study: two and a half years
Study system: a semester system for the student to graduate after five semesters.

The college offers two programs:
    Qualification program "Diploma" in the specialty chosen by the student
    Transitional program, during which the student completes the bachelor's degree according to the following bridging conditions:
     That the student has not been expelled from the university or transferred from a Bachelor's degree to a community college.
    The student must pass all levels from the first to the end of the fourth in the modern plan for community colleges
    The student obtained a GPA of no less than (4 out of 5)
    The percentage of bridges (converters) in one department does not exceed (10%) of the number of students admitted to the baccalaureate major for each semester, and if the number exceeds that, the comparison is made according to the cumulative average.
    In the event that the student completes the entire specialization plan in the community college and obtains the diploma document and wishes to obtain a bachelor's degree, he must apply according to the program prepared through the Deanship of Service