College system

College system

Duration of study: "two and a half years"

The college offers two programs:

Qualification program "Diploma" in the specialty chosen by the student.

A transitional program whereby the student completes the undergraduate stage according to the following bridging controls:

The student must not have been expelled from the university or transferred from a bachelor’s degree to a community college.

The student must pass all levels from the first to the end of the fourth in the modern plan for community colleges.

The student obtains a GPA of no less than (4 out of 5).

The number of bridges (converters) in one section should not exceed (10%) of the number of students admitted to the Bachelor's degree for each semester, and if the number exceeds this, the comparison will be made according to the cumulative average.

In the event that the student completes the entire specialization plan in the community college and gets a diploma document and wishes to obtain a bachelor's degree, he must apply according to the program prepared through the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education and in accordance with the controls of that program.

1- Information Systems Department (sixth place)

           2- Business Administration Department (5th rank)

           3- Accounting Department (Fifth Level)