Information Systems Program



The Information Systems Program aims to qualify graduates with diploma holders who have the necessary competence to meet the needs of society, with its private and public institutions, equipped with modern knowledge and commensurate with the major developments in the computer.





Providing quality education that qualifies the student scientifically and professionally in the field of computers according to the requirements of the labor market.




Excellence in qualifying students with high efficiency in the field of information systems and responding flexibly and effectively to the rapid development of information technology.



1- Graduating qualified national cadres that contribute to meeting the needs of the labor market.

        2- Excellence in providing specialized scientific programs in the field of computers according to the needs of society.

        3- Building an advanced scientific and knowledge base in the computer field.

        4- Extending the use of learning techniques by teachers and students.

        5- Achieving twinning and partnership with colleges and scientific, governmental and private centers.

        6- Providing an opportunity for students to be able to continue studying in the corresponding departments to complete the bachelor's degree.