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     Summary of the most important learning outcomes for a student enrolled in the Diploma in Business Administration program

Graduating a scientifically and academically qualified student in the field of business administration able to work in various economic sectors in the Kingdom by building a relationship with graduates of the department to open the field to assess the department's performance through its outputs and help to benefit from the continued support of graduates for the department through:

1- Carry out their own questionnaires.

2- Hosting some of them to talk to new students about their experience.

      Business that may be filled by a graduate of the Diploma in Business Administration program

Graduates of Business Administration enjoy the advantage of working in different fields in line with their acquired knowledge skills and experienced capabilities stemming from their application to practical training programs, as well as to include the program plan courses targeting diversity in the field of business administration. Among these areas:

•   Marketing Management

•   Human Resource Management

• Purchasing and warehouse management

Public Relations and Advertising

•   production management

Financial Facilities Management

Small Business Administration

•   Management information systems

• Management of specialized facilities.