Accounting program



The Accounting Department was established in 1431 AH, to be added to the group of scientific departments at the Community College in Khamis Mushait, where the department works through two programs (qualification and transitional) The qualification program aims to prepare graduates who are able to engage in the labor market, while the transitional program aims to provide the opportunity for the student after Completing the requirements of bridging to continue his university studies. The student studies 82 units of study in five semesters, divided into 21 units of university requirements, 28 units of college requirements and 33 units of specialization.





Academic excellence and professional creativity in the accounting field.




Keeping pace with the changes in the Saudi business environment, by preparing students scientifically and professionally in accounting sciences, which contributes to preparing an innovative national accounting cadre graduated by a distinguished elite of specialized faculty members.

1- Preparing suitable scientific and professional graduates in the accounting field.

2- Preparing a group of graduates with skills of excellence, innovation and scientific thinking.

3- Developing the skills and capabilities of graduates in the field of information technology and their accounting applications.

4- Forming a partnership with the local community institutions through holding training courses aimed at addressing accounting problems in those institutions.