Quality and Academic Development Unit



The unit was established based on the decision of the university president No. 206 206 and the date of 6/2/1432 AH and its tasks are summarized in following up procedures for improving, developing and ensuring the quality of performance in the college in terms of scientific, educational, research and administrative terms in light of quality standards to raise the efficiency of the college and achieve its vision, mission and goals .

Achieving creativity and excellence in quality practices and academic development.

Reviewing and developing the college's programs, plans and internal processes in an ongoing manner in order to implement quality systems and standards in all departments and units of the college.

1- Follow-up procedures for improving and developing quality assurances in the college at the academic and administrative levels, in light of the quality standards.
2- Raising the efficiency of the college and achieving its vision, mission, and goals.
3- Setting a comprehensive strategic plan for the academic, research and administrative aspects within the framework of the plans of the Development and Quality Agency at the University.
4- Activating the college’s contribution to community service and opening channels of cooperation with similar units at the local and international levels.
5- Preparing the college for academic accreditation.