the Environment Week (Environment is for Us and Our Generations)

Under the guidance and follow-up of His Excellency the Vice Dean of the Community College in Khamis Mushait (Female Section), Dr. Amal Bint Hussein Al Mushait, the Environment Week (Environment is for Us and Our Generations) was activated

    Day: Sunday through Wednesday
    Date: 15-18-8-1442

Where the following was done:
Posting phrases about the environment, pictures and cards via WhatsApp and the college's accounts on social media.
A word from the Vice Dean on the environment and the guidelines that must be followed to reduce environmental pollution.
- Participation of faculty members in agriculture in the college yard.
- Posting cards of phrases about the environment on the plant.
At the beginning of every lecture during the week, talk about caring for the environment and tackling wrong behaviors.
The week met with interaction from the faculty by presenting ideas and proposals that may be beneficial in preserving the environment
And the College College thanked the faculty members for their interaction and cooperation in preserving the overall college environment 

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