The University Rector sponsors Eid Al Adha Greeting Ceremony, praises the leadership efforts in the success of Hajj season and stresses the importance of immunization for a safe return

Source: King Khalid University - Administration of Media and Communication

His Excellency the Rector of King Khalid University Prof. Fallah bin Raja Al-Solamy congratulates the wise leadership on the success of Hajj season for the year 1442 AH. In the same context, he praises the Kingdom’s efforts in organizing it in immunizing the largest possible number of citizens and residents. This came during Eid Al Adha annual greeting ceremony organized by the university on Monday Morning.

On this occasion, His Excellency the Rector thanks the employees of the outpatient clinics at the University Medical City for their distinguished efforts during Eid Al-Adha holidays to provide immunization services to the university’s employees, students, students of public education and all groups of society.

Moreover, he also stresses the importance of everyone’s cooperation with these efforts and keenness to receive the vaccine for a safe return to school seats.

Additionally, he is also welcoming the freshmen students who joined the university recently, stressing the university’s representatives; deans and staff on the importance of helping them and providing any service that might need.

In the same regard, General Supervisor of the University Branch in Tuhama, Dr. Ahmed Atef Al-Shehri synchronously holds Eid Al Adha Greeting Ceremony and transfers all the university staff members greetings in Tuhama to His excellency.

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