University Holds an Introductory Workshop on the Guidelines to preventing Covid 19


Source: King Khalid University Media and Communications

King Khalid University represented by the The university  supreme committee for   Health Status, Emergency and Crisis Plans to Limit the Spread of  novel  Coronavirus, recently held a virtual workshop to introduce the corona prevention guide manual.

On his part the University president prof. Falleh bin Rajallah Al Solami explained that the university held this work shop in conjunction with the return of an estimate of 60,000 students, adding that this workshop comes to introduce the corona prevention guide manual, which was built on the directions of the authorized entities and is consistently updated.

Al Solami, explained that the workshop targeted university members and students and aimed to enhance  the awareness of safety precautions with in the university to prevent the spread the the corona virus, in addition to the methods to treating cases and  suspected cases in the university entities.

The workshop was presented by the committee  members , the associate professor of public health at the College of Medicine, member of the Scientific Council for Preventive Medicine in the Authority for Health Specialties, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabani, assistant professor of epidemiology at the College of Applied Medical Sciences in Abha, and  the head of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Dr. Saeed Mastour Al-Shahrani.

The workshop discussed a number of topics,  most notably” how to prepare  for the university year, the extent of the impact of the Corona virus on the educational and administrative process at the university, the symptoms that you  should  alerted by, which introduced the risks of the spread of  virus and allowed the participants a clear view on the dangers of the virus and the importance of precautionary measures for prevention Corona virus in the university environment.

It is worth noting, that one of the tasks of the Supreme Committee  ,is to coordinate with the Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in the region, to  recommend  closing any educational institution if necessary, and to issue relevant guidelines , instructions, directions needed to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition it is the committees responsibility  to spread awareness on  current cases and regional updates to  limit the spread of the Corona virus among university employees, while following up on the implementation of emergency and crisis plans.

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