Vision, Message and Goals


Excellence in the field of administrative sciences, computer science, scientific research and community partnership locally, regionally and globally.


Providing a distinguished academic and research environment to graduate qualified cadres with modern technologies to meet the needs of the science market and community service.


1. The numbers of distinguished human cadres academically, professionally and morally that contribute to meeting the needs of society.

2. Preparing distinguished research papers that contribute to solving administrative, accounting and computer science problems in line with the values ​​of our true religion and the culture of society.

3. Developing educational and training programs in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.

4. Contributing to research, training and consulting initiatives and programs in the framework of the strategic partnership with local and international institutions.

5. Utilizing modern technology in what the college offers in terms of programs, projects and community services.

6. Providing specialized programs, training courses and scientific consultations in a manner that contributes to community service.