New Students

Ceremony of new students at the Community College in Mahalla

                              Under the patronage of Dean of the Community College Ahmed Al-Marei The Student Activity Unit at the Community College in Khamis Mushayt organized a reception for new students on Tuesday 1441/1/11. :Program Goal  Introduce students to the faculty 2) Remember the stages of the advancement of the college and its achievements 3) Introduce students to the units of the college and clarify the importance of each of them and the extent of the student's connection with each. 4) Introduce students to the University's e-portal and how to access and use it. 5) Guiding students academically what they need and inform them of that (such as the need to ensure the schedule and know the percentages of absence). 6) Discuss the students in some of their rights and duties 7) Answer students' queries   His Excellency welcomed the new students and urged them to exert efforts in seeking knowledge since the first hour and gave them some advice on university life and welcomed the new faculty members. The ceremony was attended by department heads and faculty members. At the end of the ceremony some meals and desserts were presented and a group photo was taken.